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The ADAPTA-CELL™ evaporative cooler by APT INDUSTRIES, INC. is a modern economical approach to the proven concept of evaporative cooling.With today’s ever increasing energy costs, the application of evaporative cooling equipment is experiencing phenomenal growth. ADAPTA-CELL utilizes an exclusive evaporative cell constructed of either an impregnated cellulose paper or a UL approved inorganic bound glass fiber material.

  • Custom Design & Sizes
  • Insulated Stainless Steel
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Exclusive Evaporative Cell (Impregnated Cellulose Paper or UL Approved inorganic bound glass fiber material)
  • High Energy Efficiency = very economical to use

The ADAPTA-CELL is composed of the tank, casing, evaporative cell bank, and the recirculation system. A small amount of recirculated water from the tank is distributed across the length of evaporative cell bank by means of a pump discharging into a distribution header located above the cell bank. As the water flows down through the cells, the unique cross-fluted design of the cell induces turbulent mixing between the water and the air traveling across the cell bank. Insulated Evaporative Cooler

Optimum heat and moisture transfer is assured due to the internal geometry of the cell, which continually directs the water to the air entering side of the cell. Make-up water, to replace that which is added to the air stream, enters the tank through a float valve.


Evaporative cooling applies the well-known process of evaporating water directly into the air stream. The water, which is constantly recirculated, reaches equilibrium with the wet-bulb temperature of the entering air, both becoming equal. The constant temperature water lowers the dry-bulb temperature of the entering air so that it approaches the water temperature. This free adiabatic cooling is effectively used in numerous industrial applications and processes where precise humidity control is not required.
In addition to evaporative cooling, the turbulent mixing of the air and water yields an efficient air-cleaning situation with airborne particles impinging on the cell surface and being washed into the tank. This same washing action is also effective in reducing odors by removing certain gases and vapors from the air. A constant fresh water "bleed" into the tank assures a low concentration of dissolved gases and solids and prevents scale formation.

Typical applications for the ADAPTA-CELL include hot spot cooling near ovens, furnaces, and foundry casting operations; rubber and glass manufacturing and other high heat production areas; generator, motor and electrical equipment rooms; paint spray booth make-up air; and engine and gas turbine intakes.

Cooling Efficiency – 90% at face velocities approaching 500 FPM with a nominal 12" deep cell.
- Face Velocity – 750 FPM without water carryover

Evaporative Cooler Tanks
Evaporative Cooler Tank:
The tank provides the foundation for the evaporative cooler components. It is constructed of seam welded, 12" deep, 14 ga. stainless steel. The standard tank is 12" deep and provided with a corrosion resistant coating.
- Tanks may be provided in other materials such as galvanized or hot rolled steel up to 3/16" thick.
- Evaporative coolers may be provided for installation on a concrete tank provided by the owner.
- Tank sides may be insulated with metal skinned foam insulation.

Evaporative Cooler Casing:

The casing is mounted with gaskets onto the evaporative cooler tank and forms the housing for the cell bank and recirculation system. It is constructed of double wall APT-O-LITE™ form insulated panels with an optional inspection door. Interior marine lights facilitate examination of the cells and recirculation system.Evaporative Cell Bank Pads
Other materials such as stainless steel in various gauges may be provided.
- Casing may be constructed of double wall, insulated panels with any combination of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel skins.

Evaporative Cell Bank:

The cell bank, covering the entire cross section of the unit housing, is assembled from individual evaporative cells either 6, 8, or 12" deep in the air flow direction and 12" wide. A distribution pad is placed along the entire top of the bank to assure even distribution of the recirculated water. Individual cells are 48" or 72" high with taller cell banks being formed by stacking cells with intermediate rack supports. Cell racks are fabricated from either galvanized or stainless steel and are designed to insure correct cell-to-cell compression to avoid air bypass or water carryover between the cells.

Recirculation System:

The recirculation system of the ADAPTA-CELL consists of a vertically mounted centrifugal pump which draws water out of the tank and discharges into a PVC distribution manifold. Click for Enlarged ViewThe manifold extends across the top of the cell bank and distributes water through a series of uniform orifices onto the distribution pad which spreads water evenly over the top horizontal surface of the cells. CLICK PIC for enlarged view of this photo.
Discharge piping and distribution manifold may be fabricated with copper tubing.
- Suction screens may be provided to prevent large particles from entering the pump.
- The recirculation pump may be external to the tank.

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