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APT is a Custom Fabricator, primarily involved with the Design & Manufacture of Industrial/Commercial Air Handling Systems, Equipment and Related Components.

APT Corporate HQ in Charlotte, NCAPT Industries Inc. is an experienced manufacturer of industrial and large commercial custom air handling equipment and associated components. APT is the leading producer of polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foam-filled insulated panels used in the construction of custom air handling units, enclosures, plenums and ducts. The APT-O-LITE™ foam panel is used in the construction of air handling unit enclosures by many of the region's leading manufacturers of custom air handling units.

APT is recognized as the quality provider of custom air handling equipment and components to the textile and tobacco industries of the Carolinas and Virginia for more than 25 years. The air washer units and components manufactured by APT are found throughout the southeast. APT has been perhaps the largest single producer of air washers and related components in the southeast during the past 20 years.

As the textile industry declines, APT continues to serve this industry by providing replacement components and fabrications to maintain existing air washer systems.

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